Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Deficit Reduction Plan for Britain

  • Scrap IT programmes (and take the public sector over to Linux - much cheaper than Microshaft).
  • Scrap Trident and other hugely expensive MoD procurement programmes.
  • Do not sign any more private finance initiative contracts.
  • Stop spending money on consultants and use the civil service more.
  • Reduce the number of NHS managers significantly and stop NHS privatisation.
  • Raise taxes in every area by a small amount.
  • Levy the banks to provide a fund to protect us against another collapse.
  • Tax all migrant workers heavily to pay for the drain on our infrastructure (legal and otherwise).
  • Raise the minimum wage - more tax revenue, companies less likely to hire migrant workers, fewer british citizens on the dole.
  • Encourage a baby boom so we have a young workforce to support the ageing population.
Should save/earn us about £200 billion which pays off the deficit without a single public sector job loss.

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