Thursday, April 22, 2010

If only....

  • Scrap Trident and cancel the aircraft carrier and Eurofighter contracts
  • Break up the banks
  • Ban short selling
  • Tax foreign exchange transactions
  • Raise capital gains tax
  • Raise income tax for the rich while reducing it for the poor.
  • Set a maximum wage and give workers seats on corporate boards.
  • Re-nationalise the railways
  • Curb the power of the supermarkets and gas/electric companies.
  • A living pension for everyone over 80
  • Raise benefits in line with average earnings
  • Scrap tuition fees.
  • Abandon ID cards
  • Stop detaining asylum seekers
  • Shift sentencing away from prison and towards restorative justice
Think this is impossible? The people of Wales get this choice with Plaid.

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